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License or subcription
License Versus Subscription (SaaS) Pricing – What’s Better For Your Business?

How to calculate a subcription fee for your software? What are the risks of transitioning from license-selling to subscription selling?

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How to communicate price corrections?

Imagine your first month the job as the pricing manager. You discover lots of price inconsistencies, negative-margin prices etc. that should be fixed. Great job! Lot’s of margin improvement opportunities there! But how will you communicate this to a customer, without sounding like “here …

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Automate your work – easily split large price lists!

When you work on ERP price lists, you end up with thousands of lines of price list – SKU combinations. When sending these files to review, you need to filter and save as tens of files. How to automate this? If your company is not using a price-management suite, the annual price review is a…&n…

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Daily pricing terminology

Definitions and explanations of the long list of jargon and notions used in pricing. Which price ? which cost? what is that analysis? Here we explain basics on pricing terminology.

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How to legally collect B2B competitor pricing in 2022?

It is critical to have an idea of competitor landscape, but we have to watch for not conducting an illegal and/or unethical behavior looking for competitor pricing. You can see a good summary of what you can and what you cannot do in this blog post, and many other resources. I would like to add&hell…

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How much discount for a new key account?

Large accounts offer large revenue, but they leverage this position in negotiation and get large discounts as well. Where is the limit? How much discount does a key account merit? When you are running a pricing analysis and try to find exceptions, most of the time you end up catching Key Accounts in…

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The anatomy of an annual price increase

And it’s that time of the year – we are going to perform an increase to our selling prices. But practically, what are the steps you need to implement a price increase effectively? Why do we do that? In a previous blog post, I explained why we do price increases. Click here to read more… …

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Why do we increase prices?

Unless you are a purchasing professional, you do not ask this question to the vendor when they come up with an increase of their sales prices. On the other hand, if you are at the other side of the table, meaning the vendor/manufacturer, you might also take it granted that the price increase is some…

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