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Scan your portfolio for discount outliers

You set price lists and discount levels – larger accounts get larger discounts. But do they? We provide you with SQL queries to analyze sales and find outliers.

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Product mix impacts profitability
How to calculate product mix impact on profitability?

How does profitability change even if the revenue and cost stay stable? Product (or customer) mix might be the answer. In this post we will explain what product mix is and how to calculate its impact on the profitability. Let’s start very simple. Imagine your business have two products – a simple on…

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Inflation for you – is it time to change your supermarket?

I rewrote this blog post using ChatGPT for the text and Magic Media (Canvas) for the featured image. The new post is accessible here. I downloaded the last 365 days of sales tickets from my Delhaize account. I analysed my spend, calculated “my inflation” and asked myself whether I should switch to C…

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How to build a revenue bridge on large datasets?

We explain what a revenue bridge is, how it can be used, and how to prepare one on large invoice datasets using MSSQL.

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How much discount for a new key account?

Large accounts offer large revenue, but they leverage this position in negotiation and get large discounts as well. Where is the limit? How much discount does a key account merit? When you are running a pricing analysis and try to find exceptions, most of the time you end up catching Key Accounts in…

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