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About me

I have been working in marketing roles including pricing, product management and channel marketing in the last 10 years. Prior to that I’ve done audit and IT work, which gives me a good understanding of how the gears of the ERP systems work in large organizations, and also the ability to analyze large data.

My pricing work has been quite extensive. In my first job as a pricing analyst I dealt with multiple regions, several ERP systems, different channels etc. I had been coached by a finance professional, who taught me a lot on numbers. I brought my data analysis expertise from the previous jobs I did. After that, step by step, at each assignment I performed I learned more about pricing.

After that I got to manage a pricing team locally, and then move on to product management and channel marketing. In my later roles, my experience in pricing always helped me understand the impact of the product/marketing decision I took on pricing, thus financials. Even today, although I am not a day-to-day pricing professional anymore, I roll-up the sleeves, spend a couple of hours on data analysis, bring up insights, and explain how we can improve product and pricing performance.

If you like to contact me to ask questions, to ask me to write on certain subjects (related to pricing) or any other professional inquiry, feel free to use the form below or write me on LinkedIn.

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