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What does a pricing professional do in a working day? We discuss regular activities, and share tips and experiences. Read posts.


How to extract pricing insights from your transactional data? We explain, give examples (with codes) so that you can run your own analyses. Read posts.


What’s in it for a pricing professional? We write on the career-related subjects for a pricing professional. Read posts.

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Day-to-day activities of pricing professionals, mostly in an industrial environment. I mostly share practical info, based on my experience. There are lots of other pricing / marketing blogs that look at pricing from a strategic marketing perspective. I tried to focus on execution, explain and discuss the day-to-day activities / thoughts of a pricing professional.

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About me

I have been working in marketing roles including pricing, product management and channel marketing in the last 10 years. Prior to that I’ve done audit and IT work, which gives me a good grip of how the gears of the ERP systems work in large organizations, and also the ability to analyze large data.

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